Retirement. As we age, that word grows in size and, for many of us, it increases our stress. We watch television and see many ads that ask us if we are saving enough or saving correctly. I have never seen an ad that tells me what to do if my wage isn’t enough to let me save.

I have been working for Sodexo for 13 years. I am a dietary care aide in a hospital. I work hard to ensure that people’s nutrition needs are met while they are not well. I have to prepare the food accurately and take into account special requests and dietary needs. My job is important and it makes a difference for people who need hospital care.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing I do; I garden and am active with my church. I live with my older sister and we go grocery shopping together. We take care of each other.

Through all of these activities, I worry.

My job doesn’t pay a living wage. How am I supposed to prepare for retirement when I am struggling to make ends meet now? I don’t feel secure.

It is possible to change this; the provincial government can pay a living wage to all contract workers. If I earned a living wage I would breathe easier at the end of the month. I feel like I would be able to plan a bit better for my future.  I would be less stressed.

A living wage would mean feeling more secure. 


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