Start a Conversation

We need you to help start a conversation on the living wage.

Thousands of provincial government staff across the province are not earning a living wage. The provincial election provides us with the opportunity to ask our elected leaders to do better.

Real change starts with conversations — conversations that happen online, on our doorstep and in our communities.

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Online: Let us know what a living wage means to you. Print out the A Living Wage Means handout and fill it in. Take a selfie and post it to your social media or upload it for us.

Tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Use the hashtags #livingwage #elexn17 #bcpoli

Share what a living wage means to you

On our doorstep: The provincial election provides a rare opportunity where candidates and representatives from provincial parties come to our door to ask us what we think. Use the top 5 arguments for a living wage and encourage your local candidate to take action.

In our community: Are you part of a group organizing an all-candidates meeting or an event? We have kit (pdf) for you to use in your community. We also have a checklist and can help you set up an information table. We would love to send you information that you can share with your community. 

Download the photo booth kit (PDF)

Contact me about a living wage photo booth