Good Jobs Make Sense


It's pretty simple really, Good Jobs have three main components:

  1. Pay at least $15 an hour
  2. Have good practices like giving employees at least one week's notice about their work schedule and offer paid sick leave
  3. Follow the Employment Standards Act



Good Jobs make sense for employers as well as workers. Employers benefit from a workforce that is more stable and productive because higher wages and benefits reduce costly turnover and more stable scheduling increases productivity.

The impacts are so great that the latest research shows that Good Jobs can largely pay for themselves and lead to higher customer satisfaction. Find out more about what employers have to gain from Good Jobs here.

For workers, the benefits are clear: more stable income and more ability to support themselves and their families. And these slightly higher wages have massive spin-off benefits because the extra money these employees take home ends up being spent at other neighbourhood businesses meaning even more people benefit!

Learn more about why Good Jobs matter to workers here.