Good for Workers

BC workers need Good Jobs

Did you know that around 400,000 workers in BC earn less than $15 an hour? The vast majority – more than 75% aren’t students but instead are parents, seniors and people with a post-secondary education trying to get by.

Workers like these don’t have what most would consider good jobs. They have little to no benefits, work unpredictable hours, and still need to find a way to get their kids to school or pay for daycare and make the rent every month.

These kinds of jobs are bad for workers, but they aren’t great for companies either – and that’s why some of them are taking action.


Choose to support Good Jobs

Employers like coffee chains Elysian and JJ Bean, and gaming store One Stop Shop: Cards & Games are all choosing to create good jobs for their workers. Good Jobs pay more, have better benefits, come with real training and more predictable hours. And the extra money employees take home end up being spent at other neighbourhood businesses meaning even more people benefit.

When you choose to do business with Good Jobs companies, you choose to support stronger families, healthier communities and a better way of doing business.


You’ll notice the difference a Good Job can make

Most people think that when workers get paid more, customers end up with higher prices. But that’s not always the case. More and more large businesses are realizing they can pay their employees very well and still offer great prices.

The truth is that workers that are better paid feel better valued. They’re more productive, benefit from predictable schedules, and have provide better customer service. And even it it means your coffee is a few cents more, isn’t a business that supports their employees worth supporting?

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